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Am an 18 year old Kiwi thats fluent in english and French =) ADORE Glee (Klaine and Brittana!!) am addicted to my 2007 Mac haha, music makes my life and I'm in my opinion only ever going to have a relationship with my computer and the fantasy people it holds within the wonderful program called the internet... Anyway I'm pretty optimistic (aside from the 5mins a day where i mourn the fact the Chris Colfer is gay and Darren Criss shall never be mine)
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It makes me so unreasonably giddy that both times we’ve seen these lovely people share a bed in the loft they’ve slept on the same side.



The have CANON sides of the bed and it’s glorious *u*


Even when they’re not in their own bed… (x)

image or way back to ‘the first time’ (x)


Even when one of them isn’t there… [x]

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And then one day you’re gonna wake up and you’re gonna realize I don’t love him anymore

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I love the dramatic sword clashing and pregnant pauses here. This choreography was just awesome all around.

This is the gifset I have been looking for.  The shapes in this choreography were amazing.  Total Spartacus ballet feels.

I loved it because the sound fx are all clashing metal and you know all that stuff is foam and PVC pipe…

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does any one else have like this impending doom feeling about when glee ends? cause man im gonna be 40 and still be drawing klaine im a mess

FFUUUUCK-me too image

I’ll probably doodle klaine on my deathbed omg

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It feels like the whole balance has shifted.

What balance?

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My junior year of high school I wasn’t allowed to donate blood because of not being of age yet, but my friend was rejected because he had sexual contact with dudes. I spent that entire day going to all the staff in my high school raising Hell about the situation, this whole “Men who have come into contact with men can’t donate blood” rule was made during the Aids era, before it was known how it spread, when it was known as “The Gay Disease.” The Red Cross was mainly a more “closed-minded” Christian founding at the time as well. The reasoning the Red Cross gave me was, “It’s easier for gays to have a disease” A disease. 

This rule is still in affect.

I have O- blood which is one of the most sought after blood types, so I have no issue donating to do a good deed. In order to donate my senior year, though, I had to lie on the questionnaire strictly because of this one arrogant question. I’ve had contact with both men and women, yet because of having contact with a man I can be rejected to donate my sought after blood type.

I would not call this an arrogant question, simply because one can run the risk of having HIV without knowing it. It’s the same reason why they don’t let prostitutes donate. I believe it’s a valid question, and if people start lying on this question and they do have HIV (unknowingly), those lives that they’re supposed to save are now in danger. Don’t be irresponsible. If you really want to donate and are in a situation like that, get tested and provide proof that you don’t have HIV or other diseases that can be transmitted through blood.

Dude, I don’t normally reblog this stuff, but like I just feel the need to let you (and anyone else who is uninformed about this know) that the question is pretty fracking ridiculous. 

Things you should know: by race, the group that has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS is black people. But they don’t turn away everyone who is black because they “run the risk of having HIV.” That would be HORRIBLE and wrong both ethically and morally. They can, however, do this based on sexual orientation because people do still think that HIV/Aids is a “gay disease”

Secondly, if you’ve had sex with a someone that you know is HIV positive, you only get banned from donating blood for one year. The same goes for it you admit to having sex with a prostitute, if you inject yourself with drugs, or you’re a female who has had sex with a man who has had sex with another man.

Finally, every single blood donation gets run through at least a dozen tests to check for diseases to make sure that it is safe. I mean they TEST FOR HIV. Also, 1 in 6 people have HIV/Aids, ANYONE can get it and anyone can have HIV “unknowingly” I mean, that’s why they test for it.

So, by barring every person who has had male-to-male sexual content since 1997, they are either stating that they have literally no faith in their testing process (in which case they need to get that shit fixed) or they are homophobic. Honestly, I think it’s the latter.

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